We have alpine mountains and rolling plains. There is rich fishing in the sea, and in hundreds of lakes and rivers. One finds peace and tranquillity in the mountains, on the plains or at sea, and there is enough to do all-year-round. The easiest way to get here is by air to Alta. Another possibility is Tromsø. The E6 runs through the municipality and offers road links north and south. Public transport includes buses, ferry and coastal express services.

Population:                      Winter 1,250  -  summer 2,000 

Administrative centre:     Burfjord

Area:                               2,117 km2

Nature reserve:                0.7 km2

Protected landscape area:          300 km2

National salmon fjord

Salmon rivers                           Burfjordelva, Badderelva and Kvænangselva.     

Reindeer grazing area:            Summer grazing for 5 reindeer grazing districts in Western Finnmark (30,000 reindeer)